Denise Chatterton, event Coordinator


Hello!! Thanks for stopping by!

I am the face behind all of this craziness! My friend in Indiana raved about an awesome Consignment Sale that she was a part of, and I thought... we should have one of these in Lynden!  So.... my friend Kate and I (who has sense moved to Spokane) came up with our 1st event in a church with hand written tags.  (Oy Vey!)  We have since moved onto an online system, and have many  more sales under our belt,  more consignors, and a larger facility! This year we are even trying out a new event with Ladies Wear and Home Decor items!! (SO excited!!)

I have a team of several ladies that help me out every event. And am planning on growing this team even larger in the next year! I LOVE our community so much and can't wait to see how fast these events can grow! 

You may have noticed the name change as well.  We are now going to be known as 360 Consignment Events... what does this mean? Well... I'm hoping to make this business JUST consignment events and would love to venture out further into Whatcom County, and to be able to host even more events. I would love your support in these new adventures! 

Thanks for supporting this fun little business, and I hope we can help you make some extra cash by selling items you no longer need!!

Your Friend  and Event Coordinator - Denise Chatterton